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Panic Attacks & Anxiety

It’s no use telling someone not to be afraid, or even telling ourselves, it doesn’t really work at all. Our endocrine system is sending out the fight or flight message and our blood stream is flooded with adrenalin.

If you feel overwhelming terror and panic and you don’t have any reason for it, but you feel like you are about to die, or the world will end, or the plane you are on will certainly crash, the remedy to take is Aconite. This will dissolve all the fear & terror in the most subtle and delicate way, no effort required!

Panic attacks and anxiety where you want and need reassurance from someone, or feel reassured from having them in a room nearby, this is often helped by Arsenicum Album. The sensations are often felt late at night. There is restlessness and often a burning feeling, maybe in the oesophagus. If there is a sense of “I’m having a heart attack” Arsenicum can make things calm and safe again.

The feelings of “What if?” correspond to Argentum Nitricum. Unwanted thoughts, “What if I fall in front of the train approaching?” “What if I drop my new baby?” an amazing peace can be restored by a dose of this remedy, derived from Silver Nitrate.

Panic need not ruin your life. Beta Blockers are certainly not the answer!