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Pin Worms and Parasites

Has your child ever had worms?
Parasite: from the Greek word “parasitos”, which referred to someone who eats at the expense of another. It only later came to be an epithet for someone said to take without giving back, like the perpetual dinner guest who never returns the invitation.

Pinworms or Threadworms (Enterobius vermicularis) are uninvited guests we are desperate to kick out as soon as we know they are feasting away inside our gastrointestinal tract!

Unfortunately, the usual way to kick these blighters out is by ingesting a vermicide, which kills the worm, or vermifuge, which stuns them!

The problem with these treatments, they are neurotoxins, and we are putting them into the sensitive systems of children (not to mention the neurotoxic head lice treatments they are subjected to!)


As a homeopath, I rarely see a child just because they have worms; I see them because their distraught parents say they don’t know their child anymore, something is so badly wrong with their behaviour. They are sleepwalking, having night terrors, feel sad and tearful for no reason or have massive tantrums, and that’s often for months on end before they finally come to me.

I have observed that children who have worms often have blue rings under their eyes and also subtle blueish shadows around the mouth.
In rare cases I have seen, the children who are very sensitive to neurotoxins, develop ticks and twitches or even little ocd mannerisms, such as finger licking.

The things I recommend are: eat lots of raw carrots and pumpkin seeds, as awful as it sounds these foods strip the dermis from the worms.

Also Diatomaceous Earth, only use “food grade” and be careful not to breathe in the dust as it is so fine it can harm delicate lung tissue. Diatomaceous Earth is brilliant because you can get your child to drink it in juice, and they don’t make a fuss as it’s tasteless.

For adults, Citricidal (grapefruit seed extract) is excellent, but the most evilly bitter tasting thing on the planet!

There are herbal tinctures which are effective too.


The best homeopathic remedies for children with worms are:

Cina, best used over four weeks, as the worms have a lifecycle.
The children needing Cina are restless, almost frantic, with marked irritablity. They scratch their bottoms and bore their noses. They can strike out, and throw tantrums. Sleep is disturbed, screaming, night terrors and sleepwalking is common.
This remedy is derived from Wormwood which is what herbalists use to rid the body of worms.

Teucrium, is also a well established homeopathic cure for worms, and well worth trying if the child’s symptoms don’t fit Cina.

Chamomilla, which has been mentioned in an earlier article, can be a godsend for the rage and sleep disturbance, and may be used as an intercurrent as needed.

A good constitutional homeopathic remedy for your child will strengthen their immune system, and make it less likely they will be susceptible to catching worms, or any parasite.