Ebola: Solutions & Remedies

Family: FILOVIRIDAE Genus: Marburg & Ebola-like virus.
Named for its thread like structure, resembling a “woolly bear caterpillar” enabling the virus to roll up tight for protection.
Transmission: Direct contact with blood or body fluids, droplet & aerosol infection.
First isolated in 1967 from workers at vaccine factories in Belgrade, Serbia and Marburg, Germany, where wild-caught African green monkeys from Uganda were used. Nine years later a morphologically identical but anti-genetically different virus emerged in remote villages in Zaire and Sudan.
It was named Ebola after a river near the epidemic’s starting point in Northern Zaire.
Both cause haemorrhagic fever with a high mortality.
(Frans Vermeulen. Monera. 2005



I have been through international airports a few times since the announcement of the Ebola pandemic, and on talking to security and other airport staff, they had no protocol in place or even any word from head office of any precautions they should be taking.

I have had no Ebola patients so far, and I don’t realistically expect to have any in the near future. Nor did I hear from any patients suffering from H1N1 in 2009, or any SARS virus sufferers in 2003, so I am refusing to panic.

Having said that, I did spend some time considering which remedies might be good candidates as Genus Epidemicus, ie homeopathic prophylaxis.

Cubans use homeopathic prophylaxis against Leptospirosis with great success:
In India, Thailand & Brazil homeopathic prophylaxis is also used by the health authorities.

Looking at the prodromal stage of Ebola, or haemorrhagic fever, it resembles the common symptoms of ‘flu:
Sudden onset of fever
Intense weakness
Muscle pain
Sore throat

as the virus develops we see:
Skin rash
Impaired kidney/ liver function
Internal and or external bleeding

Beyond this, the patient either dies or recovers, depending on their susceptibility and level of care given.

The CDC’s latest recommendations can be seen here:

ZMapp is the experimental drug which seems to be being fast tracked without the rigorous trials usually observed.

Personally I like the following remedies better:

Aconiteum Napellus: Take at very first signs of illness, or even before symptoms appear as fear and terror of death are part of this remedy picture.


China Officinalis: This remedy is indicated when the patient is weak, debilitated or collapsed.
Headache, brain feels loose as if striking the sides of the skull.
Haemorrhage, bleeding from nose, or any orifice.
Diarrhoea, vomiting, sweaty, photophobia, aversion to touch. Skin sensitive or painful during fever.


Crotalus Horridus: This is a remedy derived from a Timber Rattlesnake. A snake bite causes a breakdown in tissue and haemorrhage, so it would seem fitting for the latter stages of Ebola.
Symptoms would include wide spread bleeding, from any orifice, even tears or sweat.
Sepsis. Bleeding dark unclotted blood. Jaundice. Collapse states. Retinal haemorrhage. Varicosities of face and nose. Intolerant to collars (common symptom to snake remedies, an interesting modality)
Gastrointestinal bleeding.


There have been articles and shows on the benefits of Colloidal Silver and Nano Silver, also high doses of vitamin C are recommended by some.

Lets hope this latest pandemic scare story turns out to be just that.
Build your immune system regardless and use homeopathy whenever you can.


5 thoughts on “Ebola: Solutions & Remedies

  1. Dear Marie, your public comments are not only Iill founded but are dangerous. Show results where silver of any description has cured any viral infection, let alone Ebola. Also the ‘cures’ that you like ( with no qualifications other than ‘ like’ ) are known toxins which have caused death to humans who have had the misfortune for their chemistry to enter their bodies. People like you should be held responsible for their rediculous statements made on scientific and medical matters.


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