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Mosquito Bites and Bee Stings



My husband always reacts very badly to bites and stings, especially mosquito bites.
His immune system seems to react in an over blown way to the histamine response, and the site of the bite swells, gets red, hot and extremely itchy.
He has even swollen so badly that his leg has been bursting with spots of fluid which his oedema tightened skin could not contain, eeww, nasty!!
So, this time, I took a few pictures to document the amazing properties of the Homeopathic remedy, Apis Mellifica, made from Honey Bee. I used 1M potency, based on the urgency, and my husbands physical vitality. A high potency works well when the patient has good healthy energy, I find.

The first picture is before he had taken the remedy, and actually before his immune response could run away into crazy swelling. This was just before 8 in the evening.


This next picture is around an hour later. Not much change, but we did nothing else, just waited……




The third picture was before bed, around midnight, and things are looking promising. He wasn’t scratching and the swelling was under control. Apis Mel 1M was all he had taken.

By morning, at breakfast, this is the bite, it is healing perfectly and all swelling is resolved. Husband very nonchalant, as usual (I’d prefer a bit more “wow, you’re amazing!!!” but hey ho 😉 ) but I am so in awe of Homeopathy and the power of something which cannot be measured by conventional means.

The remedy, Apis Mellifica may be useful for:

Swelling and oedema.
Conjunctivitis, where there is redness, swelling and local heat.
Stinging pains, like those experienced when a bee stings.
Anaphylaxis (try this whilst you wait for the ambulance, or hunting for the EpiPen, do not take risks)
Head pain from too much sun.
Poison Oak.
Pharyngitis, or enlarged swollen tonsils.
Apis patients are generally thirstless, but may desire milk.
They feel better for cold applications, better also moving around and from open air.

Thank you Honey Bee