The Chamomile is a pretty flower, but in Homeopathic potency it is so much more!!!

One time in Gatwick Airport in London, a toddler was exploding into the worst tantrum I have ever seen, her poor mother was so overwhelmed and embarrassed. I felt her pain! And I had my travel sized homeopathic kit with me!! After an excruciating five or ten minutes, I decided that she would be at least grateful for a friendly face, so I offered her a tiny pill of Chamomilla in a 1M potency, saying above the screeching “I am qualified and insured!” she popped the pill into the screaming mouth and bingo, the child stopped immediately and looked at me in surprise. Well, I am sure you are thinking, the act of simply putting a sugar pill in a toddler’s mouth would be enough to ensure instant happiness, but I had been watching the stressed mother trying all sorts of sweet temptations to quiet down the din, to no avail. Anyway, try it yourself if you ever happen to be in the unfortunate position of having a floor punching, head banging, screaming toddler on your hands, it’s like magic! Symptoms Chamomilla can alleviate include: Anger. Irritability. Must be carried, but will not be looked at or spoken to. Demands something and throws it away no sooner than it is received. Capriciousness. Abnormally sensitive to pain. Teething pain. Acute or chronic otitis media. (Pulsatilla and Mercury also) One bright red cheek. Facial neuralgia. Toothache, worse from warm things. Diarrhoea, during teething. Stool looks like spinach with chopped egg (sorry, but any mother will remember that particular nappy!!!) Any illness or condition brought on by anger, worth trying a single dose of Chamomilla. Colic. Breath holding in children. Croup, worse at night. Cough. Irritability during labour. Irritability driving your car 😉 ………….and so much more…………

Just don’t tell Merck, we don’t want them to make this magic disappear!!


12 thoughts on “Chamomilla

  1. Marie is absolutely correct……..Today we are fighting deliberate causation….a treacherous assualt on innocents..


  2. Dear darling Beau Carrel, I do appreciate all the good work you are doing for Homoeopathy, but please, Please, PLEASE, let me point out how important it is to get the images of the substances for our remedies right. Homoeopathy is a Science, and we need to be correct. How often have you seen Tagetes as Calendula, or Tilia as a (citrus) Lime tree…(cringe). This picture shows a Marguerite daisy, quite far from a Chamomilla. There are quite a few Chamomillas, but only one Chamomilla Matricaria, which is the one our Rx comes from. It can be recognised by the fact that the yellow centre is like a little hill, and it must be hollow. It has a sweet Chamomile smell and can stain blue, from the Azulene it contains. Sincerely, Eva


  3. Woops, got the name wrong, my apologies.

    Of course it should read “Dear Marie”!
    (If you wonder why you don’t get a ‘darling’, too, it’s only that we haven’t met yet, as is the case with Beau, so I can’t take liberties. I’m sure you are one, too… 😉 )

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