Panic Attacks & Anxiety

It’s no use telling someone not to be afraid, or even telling ourselves, it doesn’t really work at all. Our endocrine system is sending out the fight or flight message and our blood stream is flooded with adrenalin.

If you feel overwhelming terror and panic and you don’t have any reason for it, but you feel like you are about to die, or the world will end, or the plane you are on will certainly crash, the remedy to take is Aconite. This will dissolve all the fear & terror in the most subtle and delicate way, no effort required!

Panic attacks and anxiety where you want and need reassurance from someone, or feel reassured from having them in a room nearby, this is often helped by Arsenicum Album. The sensations are often felt late at night. There is restlessness and often a burning feeling, maybe in the oesophagus. If there is a sense of “I’m having a heart attack” Arsenicum can make things calm and safe again.

The feelings of “What if?” correspond to Argentum Nitricum. Unwanted thoughts, “What if I fall in front of the train approaching?” “What if I drop my new baby?” an amazing peace can be restored by a dose of this remedy, derived from Silver Nitrate.

Panic need not ruin your life. Beta Blockers are certainly not the answer!

Homeopathic Remedies for Childbirth

You’re having a baby! Congratulations!!!

When you sit down to write your birth plan, I recommend getting yourself a comprehensive Homeopathic Remedy kit; In 30c potency, this should be sufficient strength for childbirth.

During labour you will experience many symptoms and sensations, some will be fleeting, some can go on and wear you out.
The homeopathic remedies will be invaluable, and your Birth Partner can be helpfully dispensing your remedies as needed.

FEAR: If feeling TERROR take 1 x ACONITE as needed.
If the fear is more panicky and needing to be reassured take 1 x ARSENICUM, repeat if the benefits wear off.

ANGER: NUX VOMICA is great if feeling really irritable, if everyone is annoying you and you want to shout. Good for cramping pains, nausea & headaches too.

WEAKNESS: From loss of sleep or loss of bodily fluids, take CHINA and see if that helps
Weakness from anxiety and anticipation, try GELSEMIUM
Weakness from the sheer physical effort of giving birth, SEPIA.


PAIN: Out of all proportion, feeling violent towards anyone who comes near, wants something one minute then doesn’t the next, CHAMOMILLA is the remedy.
Pain felt in the back, wants pressure and back rub, KALI CARB.

CONTRACTIONS: Strong, regular contractions help the delivery to progress. If things slow down or fail to get started there are remedies to help.

CAULOPHYLLUM: This can be taken if labour doesn’t get started as expected. If there is little progress with dilation and the feeling is of exhaustion and failure. There may be a sensation of internal trembling but the delayed labour is enough reason to try this remedy.

CIMICIFUGA: This remedy will help if there is a feeling of hysteria, “I can’t do this!” Pains shoot from side to side. Violent pains. Oversensitive to pain, it makes her panic.

PULSATILLA: This is great for a weepy, clingy feeling. Insecure wants to feel safe.
Labour can be weak, variable, delayed or FALSE labour.
Fresh air helps to make things better for a person needing Pulsatilla.
Also when the placenta is very slow to come out after delivery, try this before trying the conventional medicine alternative. If nothing happens after 15 minutes it isn’t the correct remedy for this particular time.

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Any excessive bleeding, give PHOSPHORUS.
SABINA may be tried too ~ but this is a situation where conventional intervention and treatment is vital.

ARNICA: Bruised, battered exhausted from loss of sleep.
This remedy is so useful throughout the stages of Childbirth and afterwards.
It eases the process of labour both physically and emotionally.

BELLIS PERENNIS: Works on deeper trauma than Arnica.
For trauma to pelvic area after delivery and also if Arnica fails to relieve.


For surgical intervention. This possibly leaves a feeling of violation and resentment. This resentment may also come up towards the baby, “it” has been the cause of everything. Staphysagria soothes and eases feelings of suppressed anger.

HYPERCAL MOTHER TINCTURE: This is liquid magic! No need for any pain after stitches, this is the most miraculous tincture.
Diluted and applied to the vagina and perineum heals and soothes. Also staves off infection and can be used on C section site.

Take HYPERICUM as soon as possible after it is done.

Last but not least, Bach RESCUE REMEDY: For everyone involved!

Wishing all you new parents the best of luck, it truly is the most amazing time!


Pin Worms and Parasites

Has your child ever had worms?
Parasite: from the Greek word “parasitos”, which referred to someone who eats at the expense of another. It only later came to be an epithet for someone said to take without giving back, like the perpetual dinner guest who never returns the invitation.

Pinworms or Threadworms (Enterobius vermicularis) are uninvited guests we are desperate to kick out as soon as we know they are feasting away inside our gastrointestinal tract!

Unfortunately, the usual way to kick these blighters out is by ingesting a vermicide, which kills the worm, or vermifuge, which stuns them!

The problem with these treatments, they are neurotoxins, and we are putting them into the sensitive systems of children (not to mention the neurotoxic head lice treatments they are subjected to!)


As a homeopath, I rarely see a child just because they have worms; I see them because their distraught parents say they don’t know their child anymore, something is so badly wrong with their behaviour. They are sleepwalking, having night terrors, feel sad and tearful for no reason or have massive tantrums, and that’s often for months on end before they finally come to me.

I have observed that children who have worms often have blue rings under their eyes and also subtle blueish shadows around the mouth.
In rare cases I have seen, the children who are very sensitive to neurotoxins, develop ticks and twitches or even little ocd mannerisms, such as finger licking.

The things I recommend are: eat lots of raw carrots and pumpkin seeds, as awful as it sounds these foods strip the dermis from the worms.

Also Diatomaceous Earth, only use “food grade” and be careful not to breathe in the dust as it is so fine it can harm delicate lung tissue. Diatomaceous Earth is brilliant because you can get your child to drink it in juice, and they don’t make a fuss as it’s tasteless.

For adults, Citricidal (grapefruit seed extract) is excellent, but the most evilly bitter tasting thing on the planet!

There are herbal tinctures which are effective too.


The best homeopathic remedies for children with worms are:

Cina, best used over four weeks, as the worms have a lifecycle.
The children needing Cina are restless, almost frantic, with marked irritablity. They scratch their bottoms and bore their noses. They can strike out, and throw tantrums. Sleep is disturbed, screaming, night terrors and sleepwalking is common.
This remedy is derived from Wormwood which is what herbalists use to rid the body of worms.

Teucrium, is also a well established homeopathic cure for worms, and well worth trying if the child’s symptoms don’t fit Cina.

Chamomilla, which has been mentioned in an earlier article, can be a godsend for the rage and sleep disturbance, and may be used as an intercurrent as needed.

A good constitutional homeopathic remedy for your child will strengthen their immune system, and make it less likely they will be susceptible to catching worms, or any parasite.

Ebola: Solutions & Remedies

Family: FILOVIRIDAE Genus: Marburg & Ebola-like virus.
Named for its thread like structure, resembling a “woolly bear caterpillar” enabling the virus to roll up tight for protection.
Transmission: Direct contact with blood or body fluids, droplet & aerosol infection.
First isolated in 1967 from workers at vaccine factories in Belgrade, Serbia and Marburg, Germany, where wild-caught African green monkeys from Uganda were used. Nine years later a morphologically identical but anti-genetically different virus emerged in remote villages in Zaire and Sudan.
It was named Ebola after a river near the epidemic’s starting point in Northern Zaire.
Both cause haemorrhagic fever with a high mortality.
(Frans Vermeulen. Monera. 2005



I have been through international airports a few times since the announcement of the Ebola pandemic, and on talking to security and other airport staff, they had no protocol in place or even any word from head office of any precautions they should be taking.

I have had no Ebola patients so far, and I don’t realistically expect to have any in the near future. Nor did I hear from any patients suffering from H1N1 in 2009, or any SARS virus sufferers in 2003, so I am refusing to panic.

Having said that, I did spend some time considering which remedies might be good candidates as Genus Epidemicus, ie homeopathic prophylaxis.

Cubans use homeopathic prophylaxis against Leptospirosis with great success:
In India, Thailand & Brazil homeopathic prophylaxis is also used by the health authorities.

Looking at the prodromal stage of Ebola, or haemorrhagic fever, it resembles the common symptoms of ‘flu:
Sudden onset of fever
Intense weakness
Muscle pain
Sore throat

as the virus develops we see:
Skin rash
Impaired kidney/ liver function
Internal and or external bleeding

Beyond this, the patient either dies or recovers, depending on their susceptibility and level of care given.

The CDC’s latest recommendations can be seen here:

ZMapp is the experimental drug which seems to be being fast tracked without the rigorous trials usually observed.

Personally I like the following remedies better:

Aconiteum Napellus: Take at very first signs of illness, or even before symptoms appear as fear and terror of death are part of this remedy picture.


China Officinalis: This remedy is indicated when the patient is weak, debilitated or collapsed.
Headache, brain feels loose as if striking the sides of the skull.
Haemorrhage, bleeding from nose, or any orifice.
Diarrhoea, vomiting, sweaty, photophobia, aversion to touch. Skin sensitive or painful during fever.


Crotalus Horridus: This is a remedy derived from a Timber Rattlesnake. A snake bite causes a breakdown in tissue and haemorrhage, so it would seem fitting for the latter stages of Ebola.
Symptoms would include wide spread bleeding, from any orifice, even tears or sweat.
Sepsis. Bleeding dark unclotted blood. Jaundice. Collapse states. Retinal haemorrhage. Varicosities of face and nose. Intolerant to collars (common symptom to snake remedies, an interesting modality)
Gastrointestinal bleeding.


There have been articles and shows on the benefits of Colloidal Silver and Nano Silver, also high doses of vitamin C are recommended by some.

Lets hope this latest pandemic scare story turns out to be just that.
Build your immune system regardless and use homeopathy whenever you can.

Mosquito Bites and Bee Stings



My husband always reacts very badly to bites and stings, especially mosquito bites.
His immune system seems to react in an over blown way to the histamine response, and the site of the bite swells, gets red, hot and extremely itchy.
He has even swollen so badly that his leg has been bursting with spots of fluid which his oedema tightened skin could not contain, eeww, nasty!!
So, this time, I took a few pictures to document the amazing properties of the Homeopathic remedy, Apis Mellifica, made from Honey Bee. I used 1M potency, based on the urgency, and my husbands physical vitality. A high potency works well when the patient has good healthy energy, I find.

The first picture is before he had taken the remedy, and actually before his immune response could run away into crazy swelling. This was just before 8 in the evening.


This next picture is around an hour later. Not much change, but we did nothing else, just waited……




The third picture was before bed, around midnight, and things are looking promising. He wasn’t scratching and the swelling was under control. Apis Mel 1M was all he had taken.

By morning, at breakfast, this is the bite, it is healing perfectly and all swelling is resolved. Husband very nonchalant, as usual (I’d prefer a bit more “wow, you’re amazing!!!” but hey ho 😉 ) but I am so in awe of Homeopathy and the power of something which cannot be measured by conventional means.

The remedy, Apis Mellifica may be useful for:

Swelling and oedema.
Conjunctivitis, where there is redness, swelling and local heat.
Stinging pains, like those experienced when a bee stings.
Anaphylaxis (try this whilst you wait for the ambulance, or hunting for the EpiPen, do not take risks)
Head pain from too much sun.
Poison Oak.
Pharyngitis, or enlarged swollen tonsils.
Apis patients are generally thirstless, but may desire milk.
They feel better for cold applications, better also moving around and from open air.

Thank you Honey Bee


The Chamomile is a pretty flower, but in Homeopathic potency it is so much more!!!

One time in Gatwick Airport in London, a toddler was exploding into the worst tantrum I have ever seen, her poor mother was so overwhelmed and embarrassed. I felt her pain! And I had my travel sized homeopathic kit with me!! After an excruciating five or ten minutes, I decided that she would be at least grateful for a friendly face, so I offered her a tiny pill of Chamomilla in a 1M potency, saying above the screeching “I am qualified and insured!” she popped the pill into the screaming mouth and bingo, the child stopped immediately and looked at me in surprise. Well, I am sure you are thinking, the act of simply putting a sugar pill in a toddler’s mouth would be enough to ensure instant happiness, but I had been watching the stressed mother trying all sorts of sweet temptations to quiet down the din, to no avail. Anyway, try it yourself if you ever happen to be in the unfortunate position of having a floor punching, head banging, screaming toddler on your hands, it’s like magic! Symptoms Chamomilla can alleviate include: Anger. Irritability. Must be carried, but will not be looked at or spoken to. Demands something and throws it away no sooner than it is received. Capriciousness. Abnormally sensitive to pain. Teething pain. Acute or chronic otitis media. (Pulsatilla and Mercury also) One bright red cheek. Facial neuralgia. Toothache, worse from warm things. Diarrhoea, during teething. Stool looks like spinach with chopped egg (sorry, but any mother will remember that particular nappy!!!) Any illness or condition brought on by anger, worth trying a single dose of Chamomilla. Colic. Breath holding in children. Croup, worse at night. Cough. Irritability during labour. Irritability driving your car 😉 ………….and so much more…………

Just don’t tell Merck, we don’t want them to make this magic disappear!!